Blender material library

I started a new section on my website:

A material library!

I have a few in there already and im working on the submit code.

before submitting:

1- Make sure you have stripped down the .blend to only the texture and a small test scene
2- you host your own stuff (protects server space and security)
3- if its a UV map, please be curteous and provide it with the mesh that it is for :wink:


Thanks for the effort, but the site itself does not look all that great… (ok, I can understand it’s early days yet…)

Also, wouldn’t it be better to start from Mathlib??

All of that was made more than 3 years ago! Now we have raytracing, rampshaders, a whole set of noise generators,… Just imagine what we could do we that!
One could also try to pester Hanzo who made some GREAT materials in THIS thread (materials are gone… you’ll have to take my word for it…). Or include the car materials library by Sonix (HERE) That is, with his approval of course…
There are loads of nice materials spread all over…

Best of luck in your materials project!

?? mathlib??

these are just blends of materials that you can use in your blender projects…

hmm… you must have been confused… perhaps my naming of this section wasnt up to par

Typo… the link I provided is to a site called matlib, NOT mathlib

It, like yours, is a repository of of materials you can append to your .blends

I suppose that is also the purpose of your site?

Whereas your site proposes a .blend per material, matlib just crams them all ina single .blend

I’massuming the link you gave us is correct and points to a collection of .blends containing material setups that can be used in ones own blends, tight?

In that case, the matlib I point to already existed long before yours and might be a better starting point.