Blender Material Manager?


I remember the asset manager BANG BANG or something. What happened with that? That was a long time ago. Is there still no asset / material manager in Blender? I’m not looking for commercial add ons and I have seen a material manager that was in form of an add on and that one looked old / deprecated. This should be part of Blender, an essential feature, basically a way to quickly make, for example, a chrome material, a tinted glass one or a wood material. Is this in the works (2.8) or still not on the horizon?

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Yes, we are getting some form of stock asset manager (amber) in 2.8. We don’t know what it will look like though. Their approach is basically to make it easier for an asset manager to work with blender. I think the one that will come shipped with blender is going to be a simple one, and if you need anything more advanced you’ll have to use a third party one.

Nope, we did not. No such thing in Blender 2.80. Does anybody know what happened with it? A materials manager is something so incredibly basic in any tool, it makes this a total pain for newbies.
For a newbie, you pretty much have to first learn the complete material node system before you can even some very simple things. Is there anything official from the blender institute on a time line?

I posted that a year ago. The asset manager has been delayed. There are some asset manager addons that you can use if you really need one. Theres one called blendkit that even comes with 2.8.

I’m aware of the addons. And also that you posted that a year ago of course, I just keep track of the features that are important in Blender. Many many have made it into 2.80, but I totally forgot this super important one. Do you have any information on when the asset manager is planed in Blender? I have absolutely no info about it and can’t ask anybody at the Blender institute (how?), my twitter questions about it were sadly ignored.

As current, the priorities seem to have shifted away from the asset manager, it is not a priority anymore and therefore probably has no longer an ETA.

It’s listed as a Very Important Priority task. I think they’re wanting it in 2.82 or 2.83 if possible.

Development task:
UI Design Task:

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Super cool, thanks for that! I stand corrected then, I’m glad they priorized it, this will be a feature that many have waited for.

The most effective thing for me is that in the near future I can immediately save and have easy access to my presets/ asset collection.
So this applies to everything, materials, objects, textures …
Blender already has a way in which the files and scenes and its objects are organized, which we can already define as a semi-asset manager … it just needs to create an interface that makes easy access and editing immediate, store and the appending in terms of organization

We’ve been seeing related commits from Bastien for a couple days, I think it’s coming. Together with overrides it’s going to change the way we use Blender.

Hmm, the last post was 6 months ago, any progress? Doesn’t look like it.