Blender Material Preview File

The result of about 3-4 hours of work with work in between. There really doesn’t seem to be a standard for previewing materials, and if Mr. Price’s UI proposal is taken seriously and material libraries become standard, it would be nice to have a way to create a preview that you can save and clearly demonstrates the material, wouldn’t it?
Anyways, you can choose from a color grid floor or standard UV grid floor, the edges of the image are darkened (a vignette) and desaturated to bring the viewer’s attention towards the material and away from the rest of the image (depth of field also helps do this). The default render stamp gives info in a format that is versatile and the readme reminds you to update before rendering :). Also, there is a blender logo “watermarked” onto the bottom-right corner of the image (I might make this transparent).

Here’s an example of a default velvet material with the color 7E0000 (a nice royal red):

The readme will outline the details of the file as well as tell you all of the things that you need to do to render a material without leaving any of the default info there.

Planned improvements:

  1. Opaque logo
    1.5. Logo including text
  2. More grid options
  3. More lighting set-ups organized into layers
  4. Overall effect refinement
  5. Possible automation (a panel that lets you put the material in and choose a view)
  6. Anything you say.

NOTE: This file is (as the readme says) to be considered public domain, and I realize that I really can’t stop you because of this, but credit is always nice, just a note.

BlenderArtists was being weird about the blend file, so it’s now here:

It’s a little bit embarassing that I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me! Tuqueque’s looks better, so I’ll just kill mine off. Don’t really see much that I can do to his besides adding color, but that’s part of the material, and on second thought it was negligent of me to saturate the background in the first place.