Blender Material Preview Scenes (1.1)

(tuqueque) #1

Finally!.. I just finished the Blender Material Preview Scenes!

Long way but i think it worth it!.. I even created the nice logo for it :wink:

Version 1.1 Download (10.6 MB 7-zip file)
1.1 version fixes:

  • Fixed a couple of topology problems on the fluids scene.
  • Replaced RGB Curves Compositing Node by the HSV Node on the scenes.
  • Adjusted Glare Node parameters.

There’s everything you need, .blend file, documentation… and Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 legal stuff to avoid confusions, which means…

Feel free to share it and use it for whatever you like :slight_smile:

(travisdk) #2

thanks tuqueque - much appreciated !


(kay_Eva) #3


(for non native english speakers that means, ‘thank you sir’)

(bupla) #4

That’s a huge amount of work you’re sharing with us, thanks a lot.

(LiquidApe) #5

What I have to say is: Wow! Just Wow! Thanks for this great tool!

(Lsscpp) #6

great job! I’ve been waiting and the idle was worth!
(hope to get bmps also work in yafaray and other engines as well)

(Photoguy) #7

Very well done, looks professional!

(Eclectiel) #8

Nice work tuqueque. Have you made any material render with the fluids and cloth scenes, that show them at their peak?

EDIT: didn’t say anything, I checked the PDF… great work!


(TheANIMAL) #9

Excellent work, they look very well done.

(futar) #10

Excuse me for being ignorant… how do you open it? I’m on a mac and when I download the file I end up with a .7z.txt file. I have no idea how to correctly open this kind of file.

Thanks for any help.

(_LsBlend) #11

what an incredible job…imma gonna be rendring materials all day :smiley:

Now all we need to do is make similar materials to these :

(tuqueque) #12

Thanks for your words :slight_smile: i’m glad you like it!

Hi futar, 7zip is not a txt file, is a compression format similar to regular zip but with a higher compression radio, usually you need 7zip Software to open those files… it’s free… But i really don’t know if there’s a way to use it on Mac or if there’s an alternative.

If you still have problems, let me know and i’ll upload a regular Zip format also.

Greets and thanks again.

(Eclectiel) #13

Kept watching them, and the cloth and fluids scenes look great, I like them better than the ones from Maxwell renderer. The fluids scene shows fluids in much more situations than Maxwell’s version, and the cloth one… well that is cloth, Maxwell’s was a little more simple.


(tcrazy) #14

Great work! I can’t wait to try these out simply superb work! I’m going to be spending lots of time with this :smiley: I’ll be looking at the maxwell galler too :wink:

Where is the fluid and cloth scene…the download only contains the generic?

(tuqueque) #15

Just go over scenes dropdown (on the menu bar) list and voila :slight_smile:

(tcrazy) #16

Ah, thank you…can’t believe I didn’t notice that, lol

(thelowlander) #17

These could be added as previews to
Well done.

(kernond) #18

I agree. This is very nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

(Jeepster) #19

they need to replace suzanne with this!

(futar) #20

No problem. I just needed to update my stuffit expander, and all was well.

This looks Mighty impressive. Only had a quick look so far, but thanks a lot for sharing your hard work. Fantastic!