Blender Material Quality (low)

I imported Bridge Quixel materials into my blender file but I realized the quality is getting low on blender. Here is difference

This is Quixel Bridge preview

this is cycles render 5000 samples

It loses details. Do you have any ideas?

How is the node setup?

Default nodes. I havent changed.

I think it might have something to do with the color space and the bump/displacement. I don’t really know which renderer it is used for, but for a realistic material my bet is Cycles.

It was Cycles. Normally the wood textures in Bridge more details than cycles.

Perhaps the preview is better setup to bring out the detail, wrt lighting?
Could try reducing the size of the pixel filter, but it does have other consequences.

I see a color and bump lacking.
The color is washed out; the bump seems less deep than the original.
Have you futz with the numbers on fac? Change that one to see the differences. Perhaps you aren’t in linear space where all things want you to be. Dunno.

You must share your blend file and textures. We can’t know what you wrong.

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thanks for informative answers. I have tweaked nodes. Also, I atteched Blender file.

Here is the new render trial. Could you check node setup?blender artist 1.blend (1000.9 KB)

Also uploaded materials:
Download link

You can find it also in quixel.

New node setup:

I’m supposed to bring the solution, not question but… How do you export the material to Blender? I hit export and get the error “Could not export…” everytime. (6.9 KB)

Use this quixel addon. Restart bridge

Well, screw it. Couldn’t make it work so I manually imported them.

I don’t have a lighting setup like the preview image but here is my nodes for Cycles

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I don’t really know what’s going on with the normal map, here is what happen when you plug it directly to the shader.

In the previous image I used the roughness for the bum but I think the cavity look more the normal map so you can try it instead.

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why do you use exr format?

this is my last render. I will add cavity node and share the results. Thank you!

which shader is it? I typed on the search bar but couldnt find it

It’s a MixRGB, set to multiply, max Fac

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the multiply for the Gloss should be lower than 1 (mine was 0.3) to suppress the glossy look.

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Thanks. It is getting better now.