Blender Material Selector Project - Menu

Hey guys
I’m making a new material selector for blender and so far everything is pretty much sweet.

but I am having trouble with the actual selector.

How do I create a drop down menu, with it’s own drop down menu’s?
See the attached picture for what I am creating
any help would be much appreciated

can you show the script might be easier to help here!

is this like a view dynamic menu?

happy 2.5

Hi thanks for replying.
The script has no menu at all yet, I’ve only got the adding materials.
(I learnt python yesterday ) :open_mouth:
And it will be a static(ish) menu.
returning options in the material list file. Not relevant to the object/scene selected.
I tried using:

layout.prop_search(obj, "mychosenObject",, "materials")

but this just did a basic search of the materials the object already had.

I’m want to do an array with a for_each loop.
but I just don’t know the prop code to output it with.
Any chance you know the link to the 2.5 panel wiki page? It’s a broken link so so far trial and error lol