blender materials in unity

hello everyone, can anyone help me out, Ive made a simple model in blender just for testing purposes inside unity, but i need the materials to be put in unity aswell, it kinda sucks that right now i have just a clay model in unity when in blender I have this…

the materials are all nodes shaders from cycles, no UV textures of images, so i wouldve thought it would be easier lol, thanks for any help you can give

I don’t know if anyone has created a blender -> unity material converter so you will most likely have to rebuild your materials using the unity shaders (or write your own shaders).

Take a look here if you need help figuring out materials in Unity.

thanks for the reply, that’s a real shame nobody has, I would write one myself but I have no idea where to start and im only a pretty new user of javascript, I can write in html but that’s no help here, and ive never even touched python :S
thanks for the link ill check it out and hopefully get some similar results :slight_smile: i’ll post my results back here