blender materials not showing in 3D view

I am trying blender materials :
How can I show the render in the 3D view I have set display options to only render and solid texture.
I can only see the render result when pressing F12 .

Make new file, setup nice scene, lights. Then, menu File - Link - material.blend- OK.
Next, just look for a folder Materials, click on material.
Select object in your scene, on Material tab - there is linked one, ready to apply, in dropdown list. Usually, so called procedural textures, can not be seen in 3d view, need to be rendered.
If some image textures, look on N-tab Display shading, mark Textured Solid, play with modes.
GLSL needs lights on 3d view, others not, unless Textured is selected as 3d view shading mode.

If Cycles used as a renderer, it’s a bit different. Look for some tutorials on that.

Thanks did not now its not possible to show procedural textures in 3D view.
Normally I use UV textures and Images for characters.

Do you now if its possible to use the script in blender 2.5 or 2.6.

That particular script is for blender 2.4 series…