and BAM Website Down?

I noticed BlenderArt Magazine posted about their server issues, but does anyone know why is down? Any word from the site administrators maybe?

As far as i can see using ‘dig’, all nameserver records are unaccessible: this could indicate a problem with the nameservers that hold the info for this domain or the network connections to these servers. The domain as such is is still valid and registered till september 2009 (from the whois database).

Hello Every one,
I fill also concern by this problem…
I maid a long stop in my use of Blender.
And now I began again…
I am using it as a Hobby then the that I used before was just perfect for my casual use.

If some one knows something… is still alive. But the hoster cancelled the contract with paratron, because of “too much usage” so paratron will go to his other server with the site. The domain will be configured soon and then the site is hopeully back the next days. :yes:

Ding To Thanks for those precisions,
that’s good news…