Blender -> MD3 Quake3 Model's

Hello all, I thought I’d make a thread for converting a blender file to MD3, since I recently had to do just that, and found the availible material on the subject VERY POOR, and had to learn everything myself from forums and manuals…

So anyway, I figure there should be a thread for blender users to look at, so here it is:

Steps I used to get a file into MD3 form:

  1. Made model/UV map/texture in blender.

  2. Used OBJ export script to make a OBJ file.

  3. Loaded OBJ file into Gmax(crappy 3d editor but has MD3 export script) with a OBJ import script.

  4. Exported model in Gmax to md3.

  5. Created a shader file and a texture file/folder for the texture(quake3 things).

  6. Loaded the md3 into radient(quake3 editor) and applied the correct texture.

Tips I found along the way:

  1. UV maps and Mesh have to have EXACT same amount of UV places, which means that if you are unwrapping an object or going to have UV coords that are disconnected, you have to actually seperate the verticies on the mesh as well.

Basically your mesh is going to end up with a bunch of double verticies, along every “seam” of the UV map.


Does anyone know how to make a texture load WITH a model inside Radient? Right now I have to apply it myself each time I load the model, but there should be a way for a specific model to ALWAYS use a specific texture…

may i point out another option…exporting several OBJ mesh keyframes (snapshots of the animation every n frames) as OBJ files, and using nPherno md3 compiler. (you can download at Polycount)

Hopefully the exporter will be finished soon…