Blender media officer

I’ve been thinking about this for a while - and isn’t it about time that the BF got someone whose sole responsibility is to handle the media for Blender?
This person could be paid or a volunteer, or even have the role’s seperate components divided up amongst seperate people. Responsibilities would include:
-Preparation of press releases
-Making sure release notes are good and tidy
-Submitting press releases to all major and minor organisations
-eg CGSociety, Google News, Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, deviantART, and everyone else
-Co-ordinating ‘evangelism’ efforts in wider community
-Spin and incident management

Who would volunteer for such a position?

It’s all in the tone of voice, isn’t it?

ouch, its a big responsibility, and a full time job, too… :eek:

yes it is, and people also tend to loose interest in such gigs after a short while, specially since the releases are so far apart and don’t really require such moderation (in my opinion at least)