Blender Meeting

Ok, I am trying to decide if I want to plan a Blender meeting of some kind and need an idea what the interest level would be based on the location and how far people would be willing to travel for a Blender event.

This event would be in Greenville, IL (62246) USA (For quick reference, Greenville is 40 miles east of St. Louis, MO.) probably some time in the summer or fall.

Here are a couple of things that would be helpful to comment on as well

What content would you be interested in?
Learning Blender
Artist Session
Coder Session
Learning Blender Coding Basics

Would a small fee keep you from coming? $10-$20
Would a large fee keep you from coming? $21-$40 (a larger fee would include some food I think :slight_smile: )
Would a very large fee keep you from coming? $41-$60

would a 1 day event (saturday all day) be more or less preferable than
a 1.5 day event (Friday Afternoon/All Day Saturday)

Any other comments you may have, please share.

I voted no, but if it were a very large convention with some special incentive to come I would go… I just don’t see that as likely. Normally conventions would need to be in the east or west coast cities where the population is more concentrated. It’s a 10 hour drive away from me.

I think people would be willing to pay 10 admission, 20 for admission and food, that doesn’t seem unreasonable. 40-60 would be… odd, as I don’t see any reason to raise it that high, unless you were giving away a computer.

The Blender conference has been the last weekend in October for the last 2 years, so why not coordinate somehting to coincide with that event.

I know that theeth usually has a meeting that coincides with it in Montreal. So maybe a US meeting should also be held.

It’s easier for me to go to Montreal, as it is cheaper for me, being from Ontario.


Yeah, and you better be here next year or I’ll have some long distance butt kicking to do :wink:


Well that is the thing. I wanted to find out how many people would be within driving distance. I would not exepect too many people from 10+ hours out to come. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and you better be here next year or I’ll have some long distance butt kicking to do :wink:


yea you better come! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am certainly not going to be offended if you cannot come! :slight_smile:

LOL! Well it totally depends when the exact dates are for the meeting. Last year it during haloween and I can not leave with 3 kids to take out for the night if it is going to be the same time this year.

I would definitely like to go, but the dates will be an definite infkuence on my decision. Just let us know when it is going to be.


you should just try and gett the entire school intrested in blender … as that would build a big happy users base for a meeting

When is it?

Usually it’s the saturday of the Amsterdam conf.


I was thinking along the lines of a learning/blending session. Nothing superfancy. If it were a one day thing, have lunch provided as part of the fee. Certainly nothing on the scale of the amsterdam conference.

I’d be interested… but the only thing is… who’ll be there? and how many?

If there’s like going to be 5 peeps just hanging around chit-chattin’… then count me out!

But if the number is going to be like… ALOT… then I might…

Would we get a free t-shirt too? It’d like say… “Gr8Hamster RULeZ0rZ!!”
or something about Blender being good or sumthin’ :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Greenville is just a bit far from me unless there will be a bunch of people or some good presentationsy-- this is the bootstrap problem with meetings :slight_smile:

Though I have old friends in Chicago and in Minneapolis so maybe if I had two reasons to go to one of those places I’d be in. A bit far from you though I guess.

If I were to come I could pay $20 or $30. For such a long trip the more days of conference the better. All of those topics sound good, though using Blender (and maybe other tools) would be most interesting to me. And of course I would not be opposed to talking about VOS to anyone who is interested :slight_smile:

Well what we should do is all have local meetings at the same time as the Montreal conference and teleconference somehow via the net. Will the Verse stuff be ready to try out by then? :


id seriously think about it, but if it was in las vegas, NV, id be there

Well depending on what was going on, would greatly influence my decision. If it was just a couple of guys getting together to mess around with blender. Then no seeing as it’s a 8 drive (I think). But if there was going to be alot of stuff, such as a workshop for coding, modeling, and texturing. And perhaps a short contest between people there. Then I would deffently go. I would be willing to pay a fee of up to $50. If it included a meal. And if there was blender merchandise availible. That’s one thing I still really want. Is a Blender teeshirt :frowning: But I don’t like the shirts the e-shop has.

see?! me and Mr Bomb agree… IT HAS TO BE GOOD!

I’m in a college town and the frats probably keep these places open, but I could get my artwork printed on a shirt if I wanted to… surely you could find a place to make you a Blender shirt. Custom shirts are usually $10-15 US$. For a complicated print they need a special machine and it’s more expensive, like $20-25, for something like my Blender renders. I haven’t done it yet, but surely it’s not so hard.

i said yes, but i couldnt go because i cant drive…

I could make it, assuming I knew about it in time to schedule around work.

I’m in the Champaign-Urbana area. True, it’s the other side of the state, but well worth it for me to meet fellow blenderheads.