Blender mentor needed

Hello all,

My name is Sumit Sarkar, and I’m currently working on a new exhibition that’s funded by the Arts Council of England. The end result is to be a series of rapid prototyped sculptures, created first in Blender. While its going well, I am very weary of time restraints, and there’s much I don’t know how to do, and much I could do better / more efficiently.

The challenge with modelling for rapid prototyping and stl output is to end up with a single clean mesh, as opposed to being able to create a model with mainy different meshes that look good as a render.

So… I am looking for someone who may be able to help tutor / guide / help me, and someone whose expertise is particularly relevant to the work I am doing (characters that are sometimes human, sometimes robotic, sometimes both… etc)

here is an image of the sculpture I’ve been working on, which is also my maiden 3D / Blender project…

I’m looking for a UK based artist (though someone in Europe on a no frills flight path could work…) and the idea is either I’d come to you or there are nice rooms and working space here at the Lanternhouse in Ulverston where I am developing the work, so you could come up and spend a few days here

The Lanternhouse (check the pdf at the bottom of the page… its very pretty here)

Unfortunately i did not foresee the need for a guide and while there isn’t any budget available from the funds of this exhibition, I will happily put some of my own into this… so the amount of time I could spend with you would depend on how much you would charge.

Either way, I would certainly make sure we ate and drank well :wink:

Also, if you know of anyone suitable within or outside of these boards who might not see this, please let me know…

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you… whoever you are

oh, and I suppose it makes sense to email me directly: [email protected]

Best Wishes

Sumit @

While Im not in a position to help, I just wanted to wish you luck and let you know that your sculpture model looks very well done. So nice work there :slight_smile:

And you were right, the lanternhouse certainly is beautiful…

why thank you free_ality



I live in holland, approximately 10 hours of driving away from that place, according to google maps. I wouldn’t mind driving that or spending a few days there, or you coming over here for a few days.
But, there is no way I’m getting those days off, to many deadlines to close, and by the looks of your modeling, you seem to be rather capable. I know a lot of shortcuts and modeling techniques in blender, but you seem to have a much better artistic eye.
I hope you can find someone you feel is good enough to teach you.

ps: if you do think I could teach you a few things you might need, and you don’t mind me coming over there for a weekend, I wouldn’t mind coming over. Won’t be this weekend, but next weekend is probably possible. If that is still within the time frame.

otherwise, you may want to try and contact the Blender foundation directly. There are a few certified trainers, and they might be able to send someone knowledgeable your way.

Either way, good luck.

If you have questions you could contact me via email if you want.

I am teaching rapid prototyping here at Kendall College.


hello Gentlemen,

apologies for the delay in replying… was unexpectedly away

I’ll email you both directly shortly