Blender Mentor

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be better for everyone if we had a mentoring system.

So under this post, those who seek a mentor can write his/her specifications and request a mentor.
And those more experienced from him/her can come and help him.
Since I started this post I’m making the first request:

I use blender for over 5 years.
I know how to model, but I can’t do sculpting.
I’m pretty good at simulations but I can’t do rigging/character animations.
I’m not good at texturing.
I’m pretty good at compositing but I don’t know the rules to stick.(Like the rule of thirds etc.)
I use Cycles and seems like I will continue to do so.

If anyone can help me with any of my “can’ts” I would be really thankful.
And If anyone needs me I can help you, too.

I prefer Communication via Skype.