Blender Mesh Cache Sequence Modifier

(Rangiz) #1


As in topic. I mean, I know that this project is closed due to ALEMBIC. But it is usable.
I really like to use CYCLES over the Vray in 3DSMax in one of actual projects, but I can’t get this to work.

I only created that topic, because people have succeed with the same build from link below. And I don’t.

Maybe someone will help, know how to get it to work with RealFlow 2015.


Project(patch) topic -
Proof that it works -

DropBox to Build with that modifier Blender 2.75 WINX64:

I already contacted the person from Youtube, but I decide to write not only to help myself, but anyone in the same situation, because I already am searching to resolve this a long time.


P.S 10 Frames simulation from RealFlow for testing purpose in BIN format (mesh data)

SOLVED - DON’T USE REAL FLOW Higher than 2014, I don’t know what about older versions. 2014 is working well.

(levon) #2

how is it not working?

what have you tried so far, and where does it go wrong?

(Rangiz) #3

SOLVED. RealFlow version was the cause. 2015 is not working, 2014 is fine. Sorry for alarm.

(Rangiz) #4

No it was because the padding from RealFlow sequence need to be with 5 digits.

(Lumpengnom) #5

If you want to you can try Blembic which should be able to cache any kind of mesh sequence from 3ds Max to Blender.
See the link in my signature for more information.

(IgnisRaptorem) #6

how i can install the patch? pls help me

(relica) #7

Hi, i tried to download the windows build from your dropbox link but its dead, can you please reupload or send it to me? my mail is [email protected].

thank you!!