Blender Mesh Stretching Issue

I’ve been having this issue with two of my 3d models for Blender. I tried out a game 3d model as a test for modeling in Blender but I came across a weird issue with two models. Whenever I rig an armature inside the model and get it working for posing. I would always find the feet stretching like gum whenever I move the models legs around. This issue shows up in posing and object, yet when I go to edit, there is no stretch. I’ve also tried importing the objects into other software to see if the issue persists and sure enough the same keeps happening. Does anyone have a fix for this because I’m at a complete lost.

Hey, with out a file its just guessing. A mesh object when it has an armature modifier on it wants to know “how to bind the bones” to it, vertex groups and/or envelopes. My guess is un-assigned / incorrect vertices or bone envelopes too small. Post a file if you want a more accurate answer.

For some reason this website won’t let me send my file since I’m a new user