Blender Mesh Tutorial Suggestions Poll

Hello everyone …

I think I posted a thread similar to this one a month ago or so having to do with any further tutorial suggestions for my Blender website, ( and I didn’t get much response nor did I really do anything after that. So I’ve decided I’ll just create a poll for this. Hope I get some response, because I would like to create some more tutorials!

–Jahnu Best

P.S. Also note, once again, I won’t be creating any character tutorials.

Hmmm, only 2 votes? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to use that.

Okay guys, whoever voted (4 votes) I’ll use. I’ll be creating a realistic window scene tutorial, and thanks.

Ok guys, sorry about this. My computer crashed while trying to render the window scene (my computer is pretty slow) – the scene looked pretty nice, but I think I’ll have to be creating a different tutorial – I think the Mountain scene would be nice. What do you think of this picture for the tutorial?
Thanks guys :wink: