Blender Metal Girl

I realized that I had to pass much more time than I thought if I wanted to learn something on this project instead of repeating dumbly the same things I used last time and it was worth it.


A last render from behind…

She looks great Sol, well done, all the work paid off.

I really like #2.


Thank you Shaun. The second has an interesting mood I find but it has some imperfections. But the pose is quite extreme too. I must find a way to rig better the items on the characters.
The major problems here were the chain, and the strings of the shoes that don’t deform well at a certain point of deformation. But I don’t really remember being able to bend my foot so hard with rangers too. But imaginng she had Converses, I’d be damned !!

If someone knows a good tutorial, paid or free, let me know.