Blender metarig PitchiPoy verson- Issue with weights and forearm rotation

(Arkinum) #1

OK so I’ve been having this issue with the way PitchiPoy rig handles the forearm deformation when rotating a hand/wrist twist.

I figured it’s easier to just show instead of trying to explain it… PP_Rig_Test.blend (3.0 MB)

If you press the play button on the animation timeline a short demo will play.

The top rectangular cube is rigged with a simple FK rig and deforms with the desired result.

The bottom rectangular cube is rigged with the PitchiPoy forearm bone and has an undesired deform.

They both have the same weight setup and the rotation is more or less the same. I’ve tried looking at the constraints but I can’t seem to figure out why the PitchiPoy rig keeps pulling verts this way.

So the question is, how do I go about getting the deform behavior on the PitchiPoy rig to work like the FK rig or I should say like the old metarig?

(Arkinum) #2

Was playing around with this yesterday and found out that the DEF bones in the forearm use bendy bones. Setting it back to 1 solves the “issue” with the weird vertex movement.

I still can’t track down the constraint or driver that is causing the forearm bone to rotate at about half the value of the hand control.