Blender Metric Units is Backwards?

I’m trying to change my blender units to mm in the scene tab. Everywhere I looked people say change the unit scale to .001

when I do that instead of each unit being smaller they become larger. Anybody know why this would happen? I downloaded the latest version 2.75 and couldn’t see anything in my user preferences that would cause this.

Im making small models to 3D print that’s why I wanted a small unit scale.

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What do you mean by each unit becoming larger? Are you referring to the grid? If you look in all the number entry fields you should see that things are behaving properly (millimeter units are displaying rather than meter units). You may want to attach a .blend file that illustrates the issue that you’re having.

change your units to metric then change your scale

upload sample file may be so we can test

happy bl

The grid becomes larger but if you look in the transform tab (N-panel) under “Dimensions” you will see that the object indeed becomes smaller.

Also don’t forget to change the units to metric.

I figured it out. When I changed the viewport to ortho it all madd sense. Thanks for the tips