Blender min requirement for 2.82

I have a new laptop 15T-CS200 HP Pavilion
it has 16GB memory DDR4
Processor: intel Core i7-8565U [email protected] 1.80Ghz (sc turbo up to 4.60Ghz) guad core processor
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce MX250 with up to 4GB discrete video memory
Intel UHD Graphics 620
hard drive up to 1T… the drives are 237GB for Windows and 931 GB for Data… Blender is loaded on the C drive (237GB) which has 60.5 GB free space…
Blender worked good on my old 10 year old laptop but in this new one, it constantly crashes and crashes the entire computer to a blue screen. What i have… should Blender run okay on it? I’m trying to figure out what is causing Blender to crash my laptop every time I use it…
I can use 2.82 to build a model and it works… But as soon as I try to put texture on the model, it was crashing… NOW, it crashes as soon as I bring it up to work on it… Can no longer even model in it…

I’ve been working with someone in Modeling (Zuorion) to try and figure out WHY… I ran a Debug of Blender on the CMD area and sent him the file… Should blender run on what I have? Or am I not going to be able to use it anymore… :frowning: