Blender miss first keystroke/input

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’ve got a very strange problem with Blender 2.65a that seems to have appeared suddenly.

The problem is that Blender doesn’t seem to register first input - that is keystroke, mouseclick etc. Let me explain another way by an example:

I the users preferences I want to set a path to for example c:\windows\fonts. The obvious way is to navigate as usual through the file hierarki using the mouse. The first strange thing is that the directory that I’m pointing at with the mousepointer don’t select, but the previous one. If I point at the fonts-directory and click, the right directory are selected, but I have to click a second time to actually go into it. Worse is if I try to type the path manually. Normally when I click in the textbox, the text gets highlighted. Not any more. The text selects but the cursor imediately jumps to the end of the line. I can live with that, but when I try to type anything, the first character don’t show up. A second keypress will then produce the FIRST character (but not the second). Difficult to explain, but for example if I want to type “c:”, the result is just “c”. The first input seems not to be registered with Blender.

The same goes for almost anything else in Blender. For example if I hover the mousepointer over an menuitem, it doesn’t get selected. I have to move the pointer AWAY from the menuitem before submenu etc. shows up. I’m used to get the submenus the same moment I click the main menu)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled from (latest version), but no change.

What can be wrong?

(Excuse me for possibly strange/wrong english, but english isn’t my native language).

EDIT: Seems that there are problems with Nvidia drivers 314.07. Trying to roll back and report back.
EDIT: Downgraded from Nvidea GeForce drivers 314.07 to 310.90 and now Blender Works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: