Blender Mixamo Animator

Looking for a Blender artist to help animate a short video using mixamo animation and occasionally some rigged poses. Animated character on video footage.

Example of finished shot here: Note: planned shots will not have as much camera movement.

Rigged character and assets provided. Blender projects set up with tracking empties included.

Expectation: Animate each shot according to the animatic using Mixamo and some simple poses. Match lighting. Eevee render 1920x1080 30fps

29 shots total, between 1-4 seconds each. Due Sept. 7th.

If interested I can send an animatic.

Trying to decrease our workload so even completing a portion of the aforementioned shots would be helpful.

Knowledge of Blender, Mixamo, animating rudimentary rigs, exporting fully composited shots and/ or with an alpha in levee, and creating eevee shadow catchers.

+1 for importing camtrackAR footage and tracking points

email [email protected] with resume, reel, and rate. English as a first language required.