Blender .MLX import script modifications help

Hello everyone. I want to know if I could get help with altering a Python import script for .MLX files for blender? I am part of a mod team working on a mod and we have nothing that can open the .MLX files we need to bring into blender to alter them. we have a script meant to open a larger .MLX file of the same type but for some reason when it tries to open the smaller 32 byte .MLX the script fails. would anyone be willing to extend a helping hand?
The file is a Binary model file.
I believe the problem has something to do with Byte Alignment.

I will include the import script in an rar file as well as two example MLX, my team and I would be eternally grateful for any help.

MLX files (The SMG and HMG and LMG are best example files)…X.rar?dl=0

The import script.…

So i also have this, this is the error log when you try to run the script.