Blender mobile with 2 UI modes

Hi. Krita has a version that works on mobile devices, especially tablets. When you connect a keyboard and mouse, you get the full UI. When you disconnect them, you get a minimal UI designed for touch screen.

 Blender could have that too. It would be nice to have Blender working on Android, IOS and Windows  10 mobile, with touch screen support.

I have seen that currently, there is a project in Blender repository that adds 3 camera movement buttons to the viewport. Probably if the interface is simplified enough, it could work well on mobile. Another handy thing to simplify UI is to hide operators in pie menus. 
 On desktop, just for modelling, you don't need the UI at all, as long as you know the keyboard creating a minimal UI for touch screen would mean assinging these keybinds to pies. 

As for Cycles, I'm not sure if it works very well on mobile, but when the new viewport project is complete, Blender Internal Renderer will get realtime graphics like in Unreal Engine 4...

To be honest… as much of a fan I am of Krita, its tablet version is horrible. Furthermore, if you are modeling on an android tablet, you are doing something wrong. Regarding tablet PCs (big difference), blender works fine though the control scheme needs to be better (which is what the new keymap should address). Also there is no “windows 10” mobile technically. This time around its supposed to be all one OS. How they managed to pull that off I dont know but the OS is supposed to be the same across all platforms… with no keyboard and mouse connected it goes into tablet mode and vice versa.

I hope no one would be expecting to use Blender in its full capacity on an android tablet, its just silly. If anything, a separate version specifically geared towards modeling might make some ounce of sense but not as a serious tool. The rest of the features? Def not. It would all be a waste of developer time and effort to appease some concept that can only be described as a gimmick at this point in time.

But as to your over all point, some modeling application based around touch screen controls has potential, but I personally wouldnt classify it as a professional tool or something that deserves much priority. Depending on how win 10 takes off, maybe a control scheme can be added but I wouldnt bother past that point. Plus there is already a modeling android app on the market.