Blender Model - Alcohol Lamp

Hi everyone

Please give me some quality feedback on my model so I can improvise on it. I am learning Blender since last year and working on this model for less than a month now. Criticisms are welcome.

Name: Alcohol Lamp
Blender Version: 2.59
Blend file attached

alcohol lamp11.blend (1010 KB)


Hi Pooja

Your model seems to have potential. But I think the lighting needs to be worked on. And perhaps you can put it in a laboratory background? Also, whats with the shadows?

i think u have to work more on the glass texture

Hey monban7,

Thank you for the comment :slight_smile: I’ll surely work more on the lighting and the bg…but since I’m new to blender, I’m not able to figure out why am I unable to get shadows of my model…please suggest on how to resolve this, if any one’s aware of that!!

Hey sneha_animator,

Please let me know the flaws by viewing the blend file, I’ve attached, and if possible lemme know in what respect I need to modify this…

The glass looks like it is one solid lump. It needs walls. If you want to add alcohol as well, you will need to ensure that the alcohol does not touch the glass, otherwise weird artefacts will probably ensue. The simplest way of achieving that is by using the inner wall of the glass bottle for the alcohol.

The image below demonstrates what I mean. On the left is the complete bottle. In the middle, the bottom half of the bottle looks solid, since it has only an outer wall, and the top looks like a bottle since it has both outer and inner walls. To the right is the bottom half of the inner wall, which was separated from the bottle’s mesh, and has a different texture to make it simulate a drink. So the lower half of the bottle, which contains the “drink”, does not have an inner wall.

hi pooja!

To add shadows in your raytracing rendering, you have to enable the Ray Shadow option in the Object Data panel of your lights.

Here I enabled the shadows and changed the colors a bit using the compositer:

The model is pretty cool by the way! :slight_smile:

This scene needs cycles. It would look much better than. Besides that nice lamp!

I suggest using reflection, not specularity on your objects if you are going to use BI.

Thank u so much danilius!
This was very nice and motivating feedback. I hadn’t thought I could make the alcohol like that inside the lamp I’ll surely try putting alcohol into the lamp soon :slight_smile: watch out for my updated model…

Hey Guitio2002,

Thank you for this render with shadows…I was trying this for so long…my model looks more realistic now

Thanx Apptux,

I’m still a beginner and am focusing on modeling for now. But I will try cycles soon when I am more confident and you’re right it will definitely look better.

Thnx Freemind,
I’ll definitely try this …and update my model soon !!

hey again!

I’ve made some changes to the lamp now - lighting, texture & bg. tried to get that nice glass & alcohol effect. no cycles yet. But I think something is missing here. Please help!

Ok a friend of mine suggested some more changes in lighting & bg. check it now -

Very nice work! I have attached a blend with the suggestions I made previously regarding the glass. First, a Solidify modifier was applied with a suitable thickness, then the subsurf was applied. The inside lower third was separated into a new object to act as the alcohol, a meniscus was added, and the bottom of the “alcohol” was rounded off. All of five minutes work, but what a difference!

Also a Cycles render which shows you what a difference a few minutes using that engine can make. An HDR environment was used for the bulk of the lighting.

A word of advice: your lattice that you are using for bending the wick has waaaaaay more control points than necessary.


alcohol (1.46 MB)

Ok a friend of mine suggested some more changes in lighting & bg. check it now -
woh really like this last version!!

good job :wink:

I Like the colored fluid version much better.

Thnx for the feedback again :slight_smile:

Your lamp looks very realistic…good work!! As far as cycles are considered, I’ve not got into that depth of blender yet…would be surely working with it soon… I’ll also look into figuring out ur mention in regard to the wick…

Thnk u!! :slight_smile: