Blender model either black or white, UV mapped fine but all black or all white

I’m new to blender but I started working with this new model recently handed to me, the only problem is I don’t know how they got their model working or if they even used blender at all

In texture view mode, the whole model is black. The only that thing shows is the material gloss. Except the shoes, for some reason the shoes show up just fine. There’s one single packed texture for all the objects in the model.

If I change everything to shadeless, the textures all show up. Except the skin. The skin is white. But the clothes all show up fine, UV mapped perfectly. But the skin is white, and the top left pixel of the texture map is beige.

Can I upload the model to show you guys? I can’t get this model to properly work in blender. Either everything is black except the shoes, or the skin is all white.

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Sure. What do you mean “handed to me”? Be careful not to share anything that shouldn’t be shared. In this case, you could replace the model with a sphere and assign the materials to different faces. If the problem persists, upload that instead.

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Are you telling me to check the materials themselves on a different shape?

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It’s still all black, unfortunately. I’m too new to upload an attachment here, but there’s a link to the same file on the internet. Free Mesh - Basic Girl Model - Download Free 3D model by jérémy paladini (@paladini) - Sketchfab

I mean if I turn everything shadeless, it shows up. But not when rendered. Everything is black when rendered, regardless of what I do. Everything is also black when texture view is on. When I turn off all the shading, everything appears in texture view except the skin is white. I’ve done everything I can to make the packed texture work but it just doesn’t seem to. I’ve changed the shading from multitextured to GSGL or whatever, too. I’ve googled everything.

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You could start by including a screenshot here (with Upload button) of object’s material. If you preview it in Blender you should see node tree in the Node editor. Make a screenshot of that tree assuming you use Cycles. In Blender Internal nodes usually aren’t used for textures and standard Internal material and textures are used instead. So if that’s in Internal make a screenshot of material setup.
Usually differences between Textured and Rendered shading appear if wrong settings for textures are used. Model shown on Sketchfab has only diffuse color and opacity (probably for eyes shader) so there shouldn’t be complex setup

is this what you wanted in the right?

The shoes render now that I changed the sun settings. But everything else still renders black, and even in object view it just looks like this.

I don’t use cycles either, I use Blender render

You’d be better just deleting all the materials that come in with the OBJ and then plugging the textures into a new material. And taking the sharp edges of everything

omg how did you do that.

let me try. Why would it matter if I re-create the exact same materials?

It only really needs one material as all the different “materials” like skin, denim, shoes, etc. share the same diffuse, normal, etc. maps. Just delete all the materials on the model and add a new Principled shader. Then plug the various maps in as I have done.

I can’t help you with Blender Internal as I gave up on that many moons ago.

yeah well I don’t know how you did what you did, but that just doesn’t work for me. Just looks the same. Maybe i’m a total idiot.

I can see the texture being applied to the underside of the black ball in the preview, but otherwise nada.


Why does it not update textures real-time omg