blender model loaders

HI all

I’m developing a 3D game in c# currently and I’m trying to find some good 3D modelling tools. After working with blender I liked it pretty much. I have some questions though. I want to create 3D models and landscapes with blender and use this models in the game (which is written in c#). Is there any tutorial or information on how to load the models and landscapes into the c# game engine? I can’t find anything about the export format of blender and how to load these models into a game. Thank you all in advance!!

Since you are programming in Microsoft’s C# I guess you are using DirectX for your 3D game. From the File Menu in Blender you can export to the DirectX format. This should be the easiest way to get Blender models into your 3D game.

into the c# game engine

What c# game engine? C# is a programming language, any number of game engines with different requirements could be written C#. Most of the game engines are written to take advantage of some pre-existing format such as half-life 1/2 or Quake or the DirectX faormat. Find out what format your particular game engine requires and then ask again.