Blender model of Earth needed for TV station

I’ve been away for a while, but just popping back in to see if anyone has a decent model of Earth that they could let me use for the TV station I’m working for.

The station is Telepace Australia btw.

There are few online.
And in the forums.

Otherwise do you have any higher credentials to the job?

Just opening up the line of communication for this.

Well we want to do an animation zooming from Italy (which is where the station is based) to Australia (which is where we are)

And the task has been put to me. We were planning on using Google Earth, but I suggested we (I) animate it our selves so we have more control.

Its a Christian TV station so this is volunteer work :slight_smile:


I did a short animation a while back with a Earth model. I could probubly dig it up from wherever it is if you need it.

You can see it here on youtube -

It would be easy to update it with a higher detailed map of the earth. I think i found one that was 100mb once, you could zoom in a hell of a lot and not get a pixelated image.

That was awesome! Yes we need it!

J.L Arts
Google is your friend.
Without even googling I know of 3 such files & tutorials.
Remember, the Earth was made in 7 days.
With no help at all.
Blender Earth

Ok here is the .blend (2mb)

It was 30mb, but i replaced the earth texture with a much lower detailed one (the original was about 28mb) You cant really tell the difference, but if you want to zoom in on continents a lot then u might want a much more detailed one to replace it with. Theres a link below to a 103mb DDS format image of the surface of the earth. (very detailed)

Dont move parts of the earth onto other layers, it will mess up the node setup i made. Im not sure how easy it will be to use, but if you use it then just credit me (Alex Delderfield - ADEdge and [email protected])

Hope that helps!

to do a zoom out from land to another land you need several maps at different elevation points
Then scale them from a center each to one another and fade in, with extra hide bits for it.

AE was used in this case for the zoom.

But it can be done in blender. Time node… I just prefer AE for now on motion effects.

Ive done a similar animation as well, zooming up from the surface of a planet to a space view. Its simple enough to do, just do 3-4 separate animated renderings, say one from ground level zooming up, then one from a decent hight, zooming up even further, followed by a final zoom up into space. Then just cross fade them all, so they match up properly.

It can be tricky to get looking right. But the principle is simple enough. You can use the camera passing though clouds as a good transition between some stages.

Of course you can use one of my earth models, if you wish (just credit William Chamberlin). See this page - my favorites are the photorealistic model and the Blue Marble variation (you can also see animations of those models here or on my site).

The Blue Marble model offers some really huge possibilities as far as maps go. The one I used was 21600x10800, but if you download the larger map from NASA (and stitch it together) you can get a map about 16x that size. :eek:

Hope your TV thing works Justin. I know that you put a lot of effort and you are good in the field you will end up in!