Blender model with collision to cryengine 5

(Mone Sell) #1

I had a quick ? I been searching for a good solid tut on hot to add some kind of collision/ rigid body to a model, to be exported to Cry engine 5. I did try under the physics tab to add a rigid body and collision to the model, but when i bring the model into Cry engine, my player walks thru the object please help? Thanks!

(StroBlend) #2

Collision is just an other mesh that fit the render mesh, it should have lower poly count possible. Then the engine do collision calculation from this mesh.

Also there is 2 types of collisions one using only pripitives mesh and the second can use custom mesh shapes. You should refer to the Cryengine docs for more further informations

(Mone Sell) #3

Thank you!