Blender Modeler available

I am a 3D modeler available for contract work.
My portfolio - (ALL BLENDER)

Karan Shah

Hi Karan,

Would you consider helping on a fan-based project? I am recreating the classic Presto Studios game “The Journeyman Project” and am looking for other modellers to join the team.

Unfortunately, it would be unpaid as it is a non-commercial project. The blog for the project is here: Please have a look and let me know if you’re interested in joining.

Best regards,

Andy Curry

@Andy : great blog! But unfortunately I am looking for some paid work.


No problem, thanks for looking and the feedback!

Good luck for your future projects!


That’s a nice portfolio you got there. However remove the kitchen ( from your portfolio. Looks unprofessional to put the result of a tutorial in your portfolio.

Best of luck in your job search. In tough times like this, entertainment ventures seem to do well, so you will have no problems getting a paid gig.

Hey Karan,

A great place to look for paid work are the forums at and

They each have job forums they are fairly active.

Also 2-pop less Blender work, more mainstream 3D work.

Thanks all for your advice