Blender modelers needed for 48 hour film project in Atlanta, Ga.

Hi All,

We, a small group of film makers in Atlanta, are going to attempt a full CGI movie with live actors for this years 48 hour film project. There is not a date yet, but it is looking like sometime in June.

For those not familiar with the 48 hour film project. It is basically on friday night you are given a character, prop, line of dialog, and a genre of film, and you have 48 hours to write and produce a short film.

You will need to know Blender, and be able to model photo realistic objects really really FAST. We will be working out of the EBroadcaster’s sound stage in Snellville, just outside of Altanta. You will be needed from 7:00pm Friday until sometime Sunday. You will need to bring your computer to the sound stage. Sorry, I am only looking for local talent.

We already have the sound stage, the Director, DP, lighting people, cameraman, sound team, composer, and 5 writers. I am in charge of all CGI and effects. I am fairly good with Blender, but we need at least one, and can use as many as possible Blender-heads for the shoot.

If you think you might be interested let me know and I will contact you as the date gets finalized and we get closer to the date.


I’m too far away, but this sounds like it would be a hoot and and half. Good luck… or should I say, break a leg. :slight_smile:

I’ve done the 48 hour film project before, using Blender to make some logos and special effects. Sadly the latter was cut out due to last minute file format incompatibilities. My lesson learned: render out image sequences, not movie formats. xD

I live in far off NZ, else I’d be all over this, so I must instead wish you and the un/fortunate blenderhead/s the best of luck.

I’m up for it! You can check out my work @!showcase/ctzx. Looking forward to it!