blender modeling for second life?

Hi all I am a total noob with blender, i have been using Rokuro (lathe) to make targas for what in second life is now called a sculpted prim. Only being able make things with Rokuro as if they are on a lathe is a tad limiting to where i want to go with my creativity and was wondering if Blender can be used to sculpt shapes (Creations) that can be used in second life…I read in second life forums it can but i have no clue ( and yes i have looked around) how to take a finished creation (shape) in Blender to second life…anyone that can point me to information on how to will be greatly rewarded with my heartfelt thanks…

What formats can Second Life Import? The closest I could find is this which warns that it doesn’t work on the import side:

I also saw this but did not look into it:


I found this:

Which has a tutorial explaining how to make a sculpted prim using just Blender. I tried it, but I must have missed a step or something because I ended up with a really weird looking lopsided thing. I haven’t had time to try it again, but I think it should work just fine.

If you do manage to do a sculpted prim or two, please post about it here!