Blender modeling job

Im developing a game on unity and i looking fo somebody that can make some 3D models for me in the style of firewatch.

This is my first game that I’m hoping to publish so if you don’t trust that then this is not the job for you.

For how much you will be making is gonna depend on how much the game makes so you wont get payed until the game has been publish.

I will give you a Trello page of models to make you can do them whenever.

You need no experience in unity or coding but that would be prefered.

Any questions just ask and for some exanples of what you will be modeling a player, a house and all items in that house and in the end i will need a small city with most building being just outside.

I will pick the person i would like to use in the 2 weeks.

A whole city needs to be modelled, and payments in case the game is published and attracts players.
Did you plublish games before and can you show a one (or a few)? I don’t have time to model (with that risk), but I guess it’s useful for other modellers to know.

This would belong in the jobs category of the forum, not off topic.

In addition, a general word of advice: you’re not going to attract the intrest of any decently skilled modeler with a proposition like that.

If you never finished a game before I suggest making the game with pre made assets. After the game is working with whatever in the place of buildings, even cubes, then post on this forum and say I’d like someone to make something for me. If you have made other games post the other games made so people can see them.

This is my first game so im not 100% sure it will finish but i will try my best.

Thanks for the advice the off topic was an accident.

This is my first game and i hate the idea of pre made assets so im trying my best to stay away from them

He’s saying to greybox a prototype before investing time in authoring assets.

I appreciate your passion, but you need to be realistic if you want to start something you’ll finish. I made that mistake many times over the years. 99% of overly ambitious 3D works end up in the unfinished project graveyard.

Start small. Create a single small level as a prototype/sandbox. Greybox it with primitives or bsps. Get the mechanics sorted. You’ll achieve much more in the long run this way and won’t be as likely to burn your enthusiasm out.


Thank you for the idea but ive made a sandbox in 2D and 3D already but i just havnt felt the need to upload them to steam.

So right now i would like to make a finished game thats not to big.

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Personal tips, dont colaborate.
A lot of new users have this “gotta make it all” mentality, which is something everyone eventually grow out of.
Using assets is perfectly fine, especially in cases where you lack expertise (rocks, foliage, trees, cloth etc.).

And, your “1st” game is nearly guaranteed to fail. Using assets to play with, will allow you to focus on the things you need to learn. You’re just putting a lot more work on your plate by having someone create everything for you.

Assets dont even need to match, you can take a tree from Warcraft, a car from GTA, and a building from looney tunes for all we care. The project wont be used for commercial purposes, so you dont need to worry about copyright infringements.

Once you are able to present a decent game demo, then you know you have the knowledge to create a functional game, and can look to hire talented artists to help you get there.
Having this demo will also help you find quality artists.

And as long as you dont advertise yourself as a 3D artist, then the people you hire wont care a bit about what the game assets looks like, they’ll look for things that are out of their control, such as proper character movement, good sound implementation, environmental effects, lighting, etc.


Thank you for all the advice when I first created this page I knew that I might not get an artist but I knew I would be getting alot of advice so really I was aiming for 2 birds with one stone knowing that I could hit one but maybe not two.

Then use that as an example to draw interest from potential modelers.


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