Blender modeling replaced?

The following video is of a program called vectar. Some have said the future of modeling. So im wondering is there any thoughts?

seems pretty standard as far as modelling… any modeller has been doing stuff like that for decades now.

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Well it’s official,

you can make people think anything is the future of x industry as long as it’s packaged by a sleek looking ui.

This is not the future of modelling, if anything is going to change the modelling industry, its procedural modelling. - Look up Houdini from SideFX, they are leading the market on that front at the moment.

Just be aware, we’re already in future.

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LOL, I think probably not, though it looks like a nice, free (for basic mode), online modeller.
The way you create primitives is just like Max.

sometimes call parametric objects in blender or other soft

it would be nice if our blender primitive where parametric in any case

some addon are beginning to be like that but more difficult to use
and must have the addon activated first !

but this require a lot more data for each objects!

happy bl

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That looks interesting. I don’t really create 3D objects at all, have tried in the past. I think that program there just shows a much quicker way of creating some objects, for characters or people, I doubt that would be any more efficient just yet.

I read in the past on here that the 3D market was quite full as there were many objects been made or offers by 3d modellers for free lance or something.

I wish that could create a character body I would want from scifi :sunglasses: Would take the fun out of it, but on the one hand would at least have it.:roll_eyes:

Thanks for the replies, rather than going through all the effort to work it out, i thought i would ask you guys. I’m sticking with blender!

I was put off by the tiered pricing structure. I just went back to check the details and their site is down. If you really need Vectary to make something on a deadline, this would be really bad!

Having said that, by all means try out different stuff. I have a student copy of Max on my machine that I play with occasionally, just to learn different things.

Learning more packages and new tricks always makes you a more versatile artist. Blender is a great tool, but it shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice!