Blender modeller needed

We’re looking for someone who can help us build a few models and perhaps add to models. Specifically we need models with different parts and different alternatives for those parts - for example, if you have a car model, maybe several wheel designs, if you have a robot model, maybe different kinds of “hands”. We’d also like animations - 360 views maybe, model movements would be even better. If you have existing models that fit our needs, we’ll be glad to pay.

We’re using these models in a demo, so they should look good, but may not have to be very fancy.

We’ll pay, but I don’t know what the going rate will be - make us an offer and we’ll see.

I am confused by your post. :wink: What exactly would we be working on? I would be interested but it seems a tad confusing.

I’m interested but I’m also curious. What kind of models are you looking for. I’d like to do this but specifics would be nice. And I don’t do animations, hope that isn’t a deal breaker.

Would be nice if you can post a few images or give a better description of what the demo is for? Game
engine or for shader demo?

what type of models do you need and what will it be used for?

What exactly do you want ?!! give us some screen shot at least .

We can do models for games,here’re our works:
You can contact us through this email address:[email protected]

Lord_Coetzee, could you please say a little more than just linking to your portfolio?
Also, images on you portfolio don’t seem to be loading.

They load fine on this side, well, I have been working in blender in my free time with the aim or creating my own game one day, so I am making a lot of random objects, to show my modelling skills, and maybe have an entry lvl opportunity someday. I do need a better pc to be able to do higher poly modeling, but try and keep it low poly atm. working on stuff like weapons, lights, staging, and robots. Though ive never had trouble with loading my portfolio page.

Your models are very overpriced for their quality…


You won’t get more then $3 for most of the stuff in there.