Blender modeller required for bizarre art project

I’m an Australian digital/electronic artist currently based out of Sweden. I was artist in residence at a dutch electronic art institution last year where I worked on a project revolving around “disembodiment in virtual spaces” that involved game technologies and Blender.
Anyway, we got about 60-70% of the way through the project and the money ran out. I’m in the process of applying for more money to finish off the project. However one aspect that I’m not totally happy with is the quality of the 3D modelling and animation in the project. I mostly did it myself using canned models and I’ve reached the limits of my skills…which are pretty poor at this stage.
I’m therefore looking for any Blender 3D modellers that might be interested in collaborating on this project. Payment could certainly be involved, but at this stage I’d rather work with someone who is simply interested in helping out. An artist’s budget is always fickle :wink:

The basic tenets of the piece revolve around:

  • Disembodiment in virtual worlds
  • The ludicrous nature of some computer game avatars
  • Weird sex
  • Subverting mainstream gaming culture

A description of the piece can be found here:

The interface to the game would either be a bioamplifier; this cool x-y wireless stick controller that I have access to, or even a Wii controller.

The URL of the project is not linked to my main site ( and I’d prefer not to advertise it too much until its finished if I can avoid it.

Basically what needs to be done Blender-wise is a re-vamp of all the models to make them more look better and aesthetically consistent. The animation of the squid needs to be done properly. Maybe even some new models could created for extra atmosphere. I use the cal3D animation library and although the Blender export function is a little tricky it works.

The models need to be low poly as they are used in a custom real-time game engine.

There is an svn repository for the project making long-distance collaboration pretty easy, as I move around a lot.

If there are any Australian artists out there I’d be keen to hear from them, as that might help me in certain funding applications.

Any questions are welcome…as is feedback on the project :wink:
I’m applying for grants at the moment, so the sooner I hear from an interested party, the better.
My contact details are on my main site (see above)