Blender Modeller Wanted (Paying Gig)

Hi everyone,

The small start-up where I work in Canada is doing an educational project between now and the new year and is in need of someone create a couple of fairly simple Blender models from 2D sketches as part of it. There is a small budget available (about $300 US per model). Location is not an issue (something can be worked out over internet with PayPal), but each model has to be completed within two weeks to keep the project on schedule.

This is a sketch of the first model that has to be created to give you an idea of the style that is needed:

No texturing or rigging is required, it’s just the mesh that is needed.

If anyone on the board is interested please send me a private message (include a link to your online website or portfolio if you have one) and I can provide additional details.


You should post at as well… that site needs some of this kind of traffic :wink:

I am ready to work. You can see some of my work from my signature


I am looking for some work,
Just PMed you,

Here is my portfolio -

waiting for your reply,

One question: Is that a smiley face or a nose?:confused:

what do you think ? :smiley:

the glasses with the Big nose under it, and under that a small smirk :ba:

LOL, yes it’s a nose with a small smirk. That was a rough sketch I quickly traced in Inkscape for this post…we’ll have some better concept art for the actual modeling job.

BTW, thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this. I am not really the decision maker, just sort of facilitating this because I am the only one in the office somewhat familiar with the Blender community so what I have done is pass along the info on everyone interested to people that I work with.

Sounds interesting, you can look at my website.

I’m very interested in this.
My portfolio is in my signature.

Yeah thats pretty cool, the earth looks good.
You should put a little more work in the stars.
Maybe more Coronas or brighten it up, you know. Bring some alterations into it.
Currently i looks a bit uniform.

I found this thame only now - what is the deadline for recruting? will I at time if send you model tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow? In any case I’ll do this boy (pity not to see legs )

I allready did lol, to a certain extent anyway. There is a problem with this concept sketch as in: it is quite plain. A sketch in this style in 2D can be translated in various styles in 3D. It’s a tad tricky to translate it into 3D with only this sketch. I know it’s a temporary rough sketch and all, it’s no big deal. It’s quite possible to make something that works for you, or your bosses from this sketch, it just requires a lot more going back and forth communication to define a look/model that they will be happy with isall.
I send you a PM as well, I’m curious what will come out of this payed gig thing, regardless of who gets picked for the job.

i am looking for work
My portfolio is in my signature.

Thanks for everyone who responded to this. I’ve passed the info everyone suggested along to the decision makers on this project. Sorry to anyone who sent me a PM and I haven’t responded yet…we got A LOT more replies that we anticipated.

What a fabulous, talented Blender user community we have here!