Blender models


I used to be a gmax user, making models for a virtual railroad. gmax is getting very long in the tooth, it has no support of any sort and requires a game pack to export the models into the simulator.

So, I turned my effort toward learning Blender.

Using a conversion calculator, I found that the default cube on the Blender opening screen is two meters by two meters by two meters. The same calculator allows me to conver feet into meters and vice a versa.

So, after a lot of effort, I finally created a section of railroad track in Blender and it looks really, really good. Good-bye gmax.

So, I have several models in a directory and while building the track section, I tried to import a model I had previously built in Blender, into the screen in which I was working at the time. I could not find a way to do so. I have two books on Blender but they make no refrence to importing into a scene, previously made models.

I know that I can import models made in other programs but not those made in Blender. Or, am I missing something?

Is there a way to do that?

Any and all help will be appreciated.

to import premade stuff into a scene you use append or link found on the file dropdown menu.

check here

styvndysn is right for when you made the objects and have them in blender =)

If you are trying to get your models out of other programs, well, it is largely dependent on whether that program supports exporting, and what file types. Your best bet when exporting is probably OBJ. I don’t think my copy of gmax has that as an export option, only p3d. I don’t think blender knows how to import those files by default…
Unless you can find a way to export them in a different file format, or find a p3d or gmax importer, you may be stuck.

A possible solution would be to download a 3dsmax or maya trial, and see if one of those programs can import p3d or gmax, then just export them.


Psht I should read more carefully. =|

if you import your premade model into blender, (doesnt matter which format, but personally i use Obj) then you save it as a .blend file, you can then append or link from that blend file

If you go to File/Append or Link,
choose Append.
Then you can browse the internals of the Blend file.
You can append an entire Scene, which will add a extra scene to the scene menu.
Or in your case, you would append the mesh you wish to import/add,
this brings the mesh directly into the file/scene you are working on.