Blender Modules

I think that having “plug in and go” resources like unity, will allow for a artists to use the engine without initial frustration.

all of these systems are required, some may even need to be hard coded into the core (dynamic light manager, particle system)

“Program to an interface, not an implementation.”

i want try to make a game starting from pure python , the rule is that the objects in python NEVER for any reason
can know the gameobjects.

so the pure python objerct should be extremely “abstract” , then the gameobject have to understand what is the right action to do. (for example play an action ,change mesh, sound etc).
the thing that seem sure is that is not usable the physic, otherwise the pythonobject is forced to ask something to the gameobject.

the right way: the code do the rules -> the models follow the code :cool:

That sounds like a bad idea…

how will you make it run fast?

is the whole game 1 script?

Events? / callbacks?

Polling for controls?

What is the nature of the beast you are birthing?

BPR, mountains and mountains of polling , in the horizont :wink:
this seem pretty mandatory

this is the minimal (each frame of course)
own.worldPosition = pythonobject.position
own.worldOrientation = pythonobject.direction.to_track_quat(“Y”,“Z”)

then… if pythonobject.stuff!=mystuff … etc etc

all in this way should work

i not have problem with performances, my more complex game can have 1.0ms of logic :smiley:
i want give serius work for the CPU this time :wink:

anyway can be problem that actually not keep in count, for now see only the physic …

why? the actual way that i know to make a game not go far, really nothing… i need to found some trick