Blender monkey. :D (.blend file ! )


So i was playing how to create some simple object very intresting. And i was learning particle system and check what i can create with it.

Only 150 samples!

Hear is full resolution really good to check it because of details LINK

So more about it. It is just a standard monkey and a plain and i attached a 2 particle systems from same object with was a block. So BVH is building in 1 second.

I made 15 ver. of it and choose this one then spend long time with light and photoshop. And hear it is my finall resoult. And i post it to some other topics. but nobody actually comment it or just sugest it is cool or not.

So if someone want to tell me it is just boring stuff or what to change to be better or some sugestion or just say that it is cool or it looks bad… Just tell it i will apriciate it. If someone want i can uploud a blend file.

So… The monkey is mad completely out of cubes? I believe you, though it doesn’t look like it. How many particles?

I think he meant only the ground was made of cubes. The rest looks like fur. But still, a pretty creative wa of viewing regular Suzanne. Normally when I see a post like that I expect some joke image.

The monkey and floor is made from the same onjec witch is very tin block. But in particle system you have to capplay rotation of object if no it will back to the cube. So for monkey is with rotation so they are little flat cubes, more like plane. And on the floor it is withou rotation so it goes back to cube no ide why actually

Wgen i will go back to home i will check particles and give some screenshots. I remember thath childrens are around 50 for the monkey

Nice, I like greebly surfaces.

Very creative and original. I like it.

Really nice image. Hard to say anything negative about it, very impressive also for only 150 passes.

That is really cool! The monkey has such an interesting texture! The render may be a bit too bright near the top left, but I think it looks awesome!

At first i want to thank you all, once more!. And sorry for some english mistakes.

I think you mean the whole style material of it. but actually there is no material at all! only simple white diffuse. The colors are made in photoshop by gradient maps. I choose that way because it is faster for a single image… The BW rendering is much more faster.

Thank you so much! Yeach 150 samples are nice comparing to renders with glossy materials :stuck_out_tongue:

Zander Nicolic & Artales
Thank you for your comment. Any words even little sentence is very important for the autors of their jobs.

So hear it is a blend file for such a nice comments! Maybe someone will lern somethink/g (don’t remember witch one actually means what i want to say)


Wow, that’s really cool. I love the ground!

B&W rendering is a good idea! I hadn’t thought of doing that and combining it with Photoshop. I’m going to have to try that.

A little bit of fill-light to bring out the opaque black area on her left side. made 15 ver. of it and choose this one then spend long time with light and photoshop.

That’s cool, the fur on the monkey is kind of whacko, it’s going in all directions and it’s pressed down flat. Interesting though.