Blender monky disco

I’ve played around with lamps in a simple scene. Yafray is fun.
In case you didn’t see… :stuck_out_tongue: it is supposed to look like the monky to the left fell down and broke into pieces. I am not sure why it is som much light under the pieces, but i thougt it looked nice anyway.
Any suggestions on how to make it look better? lightning, materials etc…

moved the post from the other section as it didn’t fit the thread description :wink:

a quick update befor bedtime…
I’ve moved around on the lights a little. I wish to make the shadows softer. i remember to have read somthing about spotlight radius or someting like it. but were is it? :-?
also i would like the floor to look a little dirty. Any ideas on how to do that? I’ve tryed a cloud texture layer above the wooden floor. but it made very little effect.

All tips and ideas are appreciated!

Lots of caustics, it’s cool :smiley:

Try scaling the floor tiles down a little, they look too big.

The stands that the monkeys are on…they should look more silvery, assuming that it’s some kind of reflective metal. Right now it’s hard to tell that its a reflection and not the actual material. If it is metal, it shouldnt reflect the surrounding perfectly. Try bringing down the rayMir a little bit.