Blender -> moray/povray

This is a plee from a computing student having to use moray.

Is there any way to convert files from blender into moray files?

Any help would be very very helpfull because I have a few good models I have made in blender but we are not allowed to use them (mainly because the lecturers don’t know how to use them)

Export from Blneder to one of 3DS, DXF, or OBJ file formats.

Use Poseray ( to convert to POV format.

Import POV file into Moray as a UDO.

You will need to refer to documentation and tweak a few things, as you do with all file format conversions. You may strike some problems with materials, etc., so beware.

Moray is a great CSG modeller (yes, it does mesh modelling, but that’s quite limited at the moment), and has a fantastic material creator. If you are learning using Moray, then I suggest you try to do as much of your 3D work in Moray as you can; it’s a good piece of software to learn from. You should never be too entrenched in one program (Blender), that you have to look back at it even when your work or study requires you to use something else (Moray).

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

We are only doing moray for 3 weeks, its a sub course within the main IT course.