Blender motion capturing

Is it able to camera motion capture in blender 2.49 or 2.5? And how?

no, you need a separate app for that.

voodoo camera tracker has been used by some and it works with Blender

Can I motion capture my movement and animate a 3D character with it?

Voodoo is for matchmoving or cameramatching not for motion capturing and I guess he means actual character motion capture.

The answers are simple:

Blender can not record motion capture data.
Blender can import motion capture data.
You can most likely or dont want to afford a decent motion capture system =)


It does not need to be perfect.

I was once surfing around a bit, wondering about motion capture. If I remember right, a 6 camera motion capture system was less than $6000, it was about $5995.00 I think…

Spend more money, get more cameras & more accuracy. Then you would only have to deal with using .bvh files in blender. Seems to me, CMU has several .bvh files available for download, could be a good starting point to see if you even want to mess with it…


Whats if I have 6 cameras?

6 infrared cameras. or use motion joystics… lets say. the eee cuz i love em.
in 2.5 you can record movement, say if you grab something whilst playing it would copy what you just grabed. see what im getting at? so the eee can navigate though 3d space in realtime. no camera. no infra-red, just wire-less motion controll.

I found a free mo-cap software once but you have to go frame by frame and click on the points and then export it to blender and that worked… I used it once but not really again because I found it too time consuming… I found a tutorial somewhere and will see if I can find it again

The only time motion capture makes sense is if you have a lot of animation to get done, and it is mostly in the background – like for instance if you are doing a game and want a lot of characters to be moving in a crown scene.

Most people, myself included when I started, look at motion capture as a way to animate without having to learn how to animate.

It simply isn’t that easy. If you look at good animation, you will find it isn’t anything like what motion capture is. “Real” human motion makes for bad animation. Good animation requires more thought and deliberate arcs and exaggerations to make it right.

Seriously… the time you would spend coming up with some rig is much better spent learning how to animate. I highly recommend Jeff Lew’s DVDs:

Jeff Lew Animation

He used animation master in the DVDs, but the principals are universal.


I have a lot of animations to get done.

m pretty sure they have given up on this:…tion_alpha.jpg…MotionTracking

And again, that is camera tracking, not motion capturing… -.-


you might want to look at this:

They got a free trial if it is for you, it only requires 2 cameras but intensive setup.
Also the licenses are really really cheap. I am following this project some time now, just lost my bookmark =)

This might be intresting as well:
Its freeware but I don´t know if it has any kind of export to bvh or something.


im very interested in any sort of motion or camera capturing. and iv used loads of programs to do it in, but synth eyes should be usefull for this. its a bit costy and iv only used the free trial

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