Blender Motion Graphics - Digital Dimension Opener

Digital Dimension Opener is an animated template created completely in Blender. This template includes glitch effects and dynamic transitions. With this template, you only need to open Blender, add your photos or videos, change text, change the colors, and you have your custom video. With the addon we’ve created called “The Wizard” you can edit the text, images, and colors completely in one panel. A free template for you to edit with “The Wizard” is included in this post. - 2021-08-25T121159.264

Video Demo:

“The Wizard” is a free addon for Blender created by SkywayVisuals, which is included with all of our templates in order to make it easy for people to edit our animated Blender templates. With “The Wizard” you can easily add your photos or videos, change text and colors all within one panel in Blender. To learn how to use the addon and test it out, we’ve included a free template & “the wizard” addon below, along with a full video tutorial & pdf tutorial.

Wizard Demo video:

Free Demo Template & Wizard addon (Included in Zip file):

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