Blender Motion tracking

Hey Blender Artists

I have this work that I’m trying to get through but I’m at the point of having to track the video footage and apply the effects into the shot.

problem is I get too frustrated with motion tracking in blender and I have about 17 shots to do and no drive to do this part of it.

What I want to ask is if there is anyone who would be willing to track the videos for me to the best of their ability and as fast as physically possible

Id negotiate a pay with the individual as long as its within reason.

Let me know asap



1)Is it a 2D or 3D scene?
2) Is it a static constant pattern that you have to recognize?
3) What information has to be tracked in the image : position of the pixel pattern(sprite), of 3D object? Speed of pattern? Orientation of camera?
4) What are the input, output parameters for your effect function?
5) Does the effect apply for the whole image or just the detected pattern?


I have good experience with tracking in blender and would be interested in helping you out. PM sent.

I can do this and also where is your video you want to track ?

thanks for your responses