Blender mouse controls doesnt work and cant minamize

I have been playing around with blender for about 8months now with no problem. Then one day my mouse controls wont work 80% of the time. I would left click and would do nothing, so i have to click the same thing about 5 times before it finally selects it. same with clicking my scroll wheel. sometimes it will work on the first try but most time it takes multiple clicks. Only happens in Blender so 100% sure its not my mouse.

Also when I minimize the window down and try to reopen it, it will not open and takes about 20-50 clicks to reopen. Sometimes I find it faster to save before minimizing and just close blender and reopen.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but still same problem.

anyone else have this problem?

Still cant figure out why its doing this. My last resort is to back up everything and try clean install windows again.
I have already ran many virus and malware scans with nothing, but at least a clean install will probably fix it for sure