Blender Mouse Glitch

Whenever I start blender a blank gray square appears where the mouse should be. When I move the mouse it disappears and when the mouse stops or I click something the gray box reappears and errases any part of the console or scene thats behind it. Anyone know how to fix this? I have the most recent display drivers for my video card and I’m running a GeForce FX 5200. Also I have turned off my cursor shadow and am not running any foreign cursor setup. Thanks

Well the gray cube is no bug :stuck_out_tongue: thats a 3D cube …
And for for the gray box reappearing ect… maby you went to far away from the cube and it dissipeared then when you got closer towards it it reappears.


Its not a cube, its a square, its a graphical glitch. I of course have the starting cube but what I’m referring to is a square area that errases any menus, buttons, or shapes that it covers. Imagine that your cursor right now was in the middle of a gray square that is about 3/4" wide and thats what I have in Blender. This glitch prevents me from using menus or popups in the program.