Blender mousepad

Something that I made a while back. :eyebrowlift:

What do you think?

I dont want to be mean but

  1. Wood texture looks stretched
  2. Mouse looks a bit too long
  3. Not enough light
  4. Pad edges are well, not straight enough to my liking.

Well, thanks for your ideas.
2 and 3 I already thought about. I just haven’t fixed them yet.
I guess I should have put this in the Critique section.:slight_smile:

Well not really, if youre done with it youre done with it. Focused critique is for projects you dont consider done but isnt sure what to change to make it better.

dose anyone even use a mouse like that anymore?

I did until a few years ago when it broke. It’s a Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1a.