blender movie: crossing the road

I made this animation a while back. People seemed to like it.
This is actually my first short movie.

hey BShep:

I really like this animated video waiting for more video updates… Thank you… Once again Nice and attractive animation…

nice film!

but I can’t help it, that at 0:14 I saw somewhere else… I mean it reminds me of something… whatever :slight_smile:

Thanks! Oh, really? thats cool :yes:

Nice work! Try to keep training in animation workflow. Look for “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams. It will help you a lot!

Thank YOU!!! I neeed that I need help! thanks!!!

Pretty good but there is one similar already made.
I just say becareful as no matter how much you didn’t realise one already existed, these guys can still sue for plagarisms and intellectual property.!

Thanks, but tthat one was made after I already made my crossing the road animation! that’s why I commented on that video after they came out with it and said that they stole my idea!

Well to prove that they stole your idea and to stop them from any commericial gain, you’d have to take them to a small claims court, and hopefully you still have the .blend file and haven’t opened it since you first made it.You can use the files meta-data as evidence that you came up with the idea. Although them having pretty prestigious work, they would probably have enough money to buy lawyers, so unless you have a sound evidence, you’re kinda slammed!

Well its alright. It doesn’t really matter… I am not going to try to sue them! and I don’t think they would try to sue me either. I don’t mind that they had the same idea (or if they copied me I guess). But just because they made the same thing doesn’t mean its the same actually because everyone has their own way of creating something and you can always tell who made what because of those differences.